Status Ailments

Burn- takes an extra d6 per level and -2 to attack

Frozen- cannot move or attack

Dazed/Dizzy- -4 to hit

Hungry- cannot be healed

Silence- spellcasters only hit on 16-20 on 1 spell is reversed

Shutdown- techies only hit on a 16-20 on 1 tech is reversed

Sleep- crit range against is increased to 18-20, cannot move 

Confusion- once per turn attack 1 party member or themselves

Fear- dazes you and prevents escalation die

Sadness- deal half damage

Charmed- taken over must do bad guys bidding

Blind/Darkness-50% miss chance

Cursed- reroll take worst result

Poisoned- take a d8 damage per level

weakened- -4 to defenses

stunned- no actions

vulnerable- crit vs character increase by +2


Status Ailments

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