Rizax Corp.  corporation for advances in tech order and control

The Synapse Syndicate- runners trying to take down big corporation runners chaotic

Smerag force- keepers of justice and law enforcement judgmental uncompromising

7 Knights of Eden- 7 criminal organizations that try to bring back democracy and but also criminally linked

The Wild Violets- an organization dedicated to magic and the pursuit of old knowledge vs the new and technology

The First People- lizardman group who is trying to rid dharm of the other races have come in and displaced them as the dominant race here. 

The Diamonds in the Rough- a peacekeeping rangers that work with the sultan to keep order his personal guard

The Bushido- The ronso samurai warriors who hold honor in high esteem over anything else.

The Koga- Varin ninja clan known for their stealth combat and knowledge of the wilderness

The Unwavering Union- the organization devoted to keeping the peace and unification and duties of the citizenry in check 

Virtutem Populo- want people to be able to choose their fate and jobs in life

The Boundless- a cult dedicated to science and the idea of stellar exploration

The Clans- the warrior side Strathmore devoted to religion and the homestead


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