Welcome to Nirvana

Timeline: BE years before the EVENT

BE: 10, 000  Dinosaurs rule the earth 

BE: 3,000 An Almighty dragon wreaks havoc upon the world the largest dinosaurs are killed off only the smaller weaker ones survive they create low level technology bows and arrows and some firearms. the Viera and Ronso begin to emerge from the North, 

BE 1,000 humans begin to emerge,  and along with them halflings, dwarves, moogles the world is at an age of prosperity and magic and science  begin to uplift the world, the great city of Mandrie is created and the realm prospers.

E 0  The event occurs a large earthquake shakes the entire planet, Mandrie is completely destroyed witness says viewing a large object crashing from above and destroying the city there is a large mountain with craters all around it where the city used to be. after the Event undead begin rising from earth of all sizes and strengths. millions are killed. the races are split to different locations and the must fend for themselves with no way of connecting.

AE:50- the burmecian race shows up.  a scientist burmecian named Yohan Brahn invents the bullet trainhe says with help of all races he can reconnect everyone. Enhanced humans are created as soldier to combat the undead threat.

AE75 - the Solaris War occurs between enhanced humans and humans and dwarves. the enhanced lose and are brought to almost extinction. they still exist but are few in number. it is illegal to create an more enhanced.

AE: 100- the last of the underground railways are built travel between the 7 cities is now possible because of this science grows and flourishes especially in city of Vago.

AE:125- present

AE: 200 future?


Races:  human, Lizardman-descendants from dinosaurs, Burmanecian- race spawned from The Event, Viera-2nd oldest race (drow, high elf, wood elf respectively), Moogle (gnomes) Ronso (half-orcs) Dwarves, Halfling,  Enhanced Human-illegal to create one now is illegal after the Solaris war (HALF ELF

The world is a dangerous place and the only safe havens are the 7 cities

Vago (very advanced tech city) 850,000, predominantely human, dwarves,and moogles protection consists of hight tech weaponry and shields, ruling council is goverment, other than Moogle god Opun religion is almost non existant here, producing, income comes from electronics, food manufacturing,art and culture as well as finance home to world largest banks Famous for Vago Tower largest tower in Nirvana and for Lunar Dome the worlds largest theme park 

Eden(industrial gritty damaged) 300,000, predominantely halfing, human, burmancian , and dwarf protection consists of Smerag warriors of the city past their prime that wage war on the outskirts, mayor and several sub wardens, main worship is the luck god Gullend, Manufacturing, printing, publishing and food processing and oil refining also play major roles in the city's economy as well as meatpacking industry , famous for its theatres moving pictures with no sound, as well as the home of jazz music, also home of blitzball

Algol (water based community) 200,000, predominantely halfing, human, protection consists of being surrounded by water islands, congressional gov with a prime minister worship water god Anapos, income comes from tourism, shipbuilding also known for its paintings and seafood, famous for the Algol Carnivale a masked 3 day festival ending in boat parade, famous food consist of mainly seafood (island names Ustica)

Dharm(desert like area think middle east feel) 500,000, predominantely halfing, human, lizardman protection consists of walled in mountains and harsh outside environment, one ruler the sultan dictatorship, main worship is to sun god Obid and night god Ludon, producing, income comes from handicrafts rugs and carpets also known for its paintings and sculpture, famous Ballet school Gilgamesh, famous market of Dharm, most food is hunted for or traded for

New Lullin/Iratoc- (mountainous region snowcapped similar to northern japan) 300,000 mostly vaan and ronso who do not get along but respect nature, protection is because of the altitude , weather and remoteness, ronso consist of tribes with chieftans, vaan are ruled over by a king, all worship forest guardian known as the Jabberwock, economy  dependent on agriculture (particularly rice cultivation), forestry, woodworking, metalworking famous for its Hot springs (vaan side) and Ancestral Awakening lantern festival of the Ronso tribes (rituals and bullet ant test)

Skystone- (old world style realm castle and keeps not alot of tech) 500,000 mostly burmancian  protection is the Blue Mother surrounds the city , burmancean goverment is representative chosen by randomized citzenry that then vote congressionally,  religion of all kinds here, economy  dependent on food (particularly beer and sausage),  metalworking, trainsmith, mining know for it warmaking famous for its castles and classical music 

Strathmore- (think scottish highlands) population 200,000 mostly human, dwarf protection is from the mystic stones that are high atop the mountains here. Strathmore consist of waring clans and govermental rules change from clan to clan, religion of all kinds here, economy mostly based on kelping (in which kelp is burned for the useful chemicals obtained from the ashes), cattle farming, fisheries, and weaving, places of interest include the mystic stones, the Titan statue and it is known for its majestic views.


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